Join the Parade

Join the Parade in 2023!

We’ll meet at 10am at Eastbourne Pier to leave at 11pm.

Parade start point: Eastbourne Pier, Grand Parade, Eastbourne, BN21 3EL

Please complete and submit the form below by Friday 19th June, 5pm

Get involved!

Anyone can be involved in the parade it is not exclusive to the LGBT+ community. We encourage diversity and support equality so everyone is welcome. You’ll need to confirm you’re involvement with Eastbourne Pride organisers, you cannot just show up on the day.

We’re keen to have sponsors and partners involved in our parade, perhaps with a float or costumed participants. 2019’s Eastbourne Pride march had 542 people taking part with supporters lining streets along the route so it’s a great opportunity for local exposure and to align your business values with those of Pride.


2023 Theme

2023 Theme – Protect our Trans Community; Dress in the colours Pink Blue and White. 
We are not a community without the T. 
There is an incorrect assumption by a lot of cisgender and heterosexual people that the passage of time alone equals progress, when in fact it is the direct actions, the protesting and speaking out of LGBTQ+ people which has led to change.

Parade application are not confirmed until you have received email confirmation that your space is booked. Please note the all funds raised from the parade go direct to the running costs of the parade itself.  The parade costs over £8,000 each year.

Eastbourne Pride parade is NOT for profit with all contributions going to producing the event.